The 5 Major Mind Traps that Hinder Happiness

The saying " I am my worst critic " is definitely  true for  a lot of people, but what people don't know are the severe consequences  that come after criticizing themselves. This article states that often our inside "voices" are "traps" that aim to have us stuck in a depression loop. These "voices" or your thoughts render you vulnerable to depression and anxiety because they are often negative thoughts or critics about yourself that would damage your self-esteem and render you helpless,and this helplessness will then produce more negative thoughts until you are trapped in an endless loop of negative thinking and depression. To view the article, please click here

Why do people so easily criticize themselves? Mostly because people are viewing their experience subjectively instead of objectively. For example, when your friend has a failing grade on his/her exam., it is common for you to provide your compassion and sympathy to your friends by saying " it's ok, it's just one exam" or " you will ace it next time, don't worry"; however, when you are the one who has a failing grade, then often you will start criticize yourself harshly by thinking " I'm so stupid, I'm failing my life" or "i will never have a good grade again on this subject," automatically putting you in depression.

As a life coach, my duty is to help clients to identify these negative thinkings and help them to view their experience more objectively so they can produce a more healthier and rational thinking, therefore breaking he depression loop.


Chih-Pang (Bong) is a life coach in Newyork offering individual, career, couples, and family coaching on a wide variety of issues. 

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