The 6 A's of Stress Management

Stress. We probably all know that word a little too well. We know the symptoms, the causes, the effects, but how do we effectively manage the stressors in our life? Here are 6 effective strategies to help:

1. Avoid unnecessary stress: learn to say "no," change your environment, distance yourself from people who constantly stress you out, avoid hot-button topics

2. Alter the situation: communicate assertively, look for a compromise, employ time management skills, problem-solve

3. Adapt to the stressor: reframe and restructure your thoughts, look at the big picture

4. Accept the things you cannot change: don't try to control the uncontrollable, express your feelings through journaling or talking to someone

5. Adopt a healthy lifestyle: eat fruits and veggies, exercise regularly, employ good sleep hygiene

6. Allow time for fun and relaxation: use mindfulness and/or relaxation techniques daily, engage in pleasurable activities 

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