The Dangers of Perfectionist Thinking

As Dahl put it: “The all-or-nothing, impossibly high standards perfectionists set for themselves often mean that they’re not happy even when they’ve achieved success. And research has suggested that anxiety over making mistakes may ultimately be holding some perfectionists back from ever achieving success in the first place.”

As a therapist in NYC, I believe working with one's strengths can be as important as helping to correct one's weaknesses.  When it comes to perfectionists, there tends to be great ability but inability to see one's own strengths.  This can be problematic thinking for many people and disastrous thinking for others.  You may hear the term "perfectionist" labeled with ease;  even a compliment!  But perfectionism can be a very dark place.  Check out this article that brings attention to the pitfalls of this type of thinking.  Do you know a perfectionist?


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