The Emotional Weight of Trauma

By Nico Gurley

We always want to believe that traumatic experiences cannot happen to us, until they actually do. Whether you are the victim of a crime, accident or simply as a result of naturally occurring events, a whole range of emotions and thoughts generally accompany such an experience. You may come to believe that it is your fault, that you were asking for it or come to believe that the forces of the universe must be aligned against you. Self-defeating thoughts like these can often times have a domino effect leading to feelings of guilt which always seem to weigh the heaviest on our psyche. In turn, our feelings of guilt are likely to cause more negative thoughts that we should have or could have done something to avoid this experience. Having these thoughts is perfectly normal, however they can also start to weigh heavily on your conscious and even begin to drag you down deeper into the darkness of despair and depression. It is very important to find someone that you feel comfortable enough with to address and discuss your feelings. Addressing your thoughts and feelings will enable you to start shedding some of that emotional weight. We know that the initial step is usually the hardest but if you are suffering from conflicting or even debilitating feelings as a result of a traumatic experience, pick up the phone and give one of our therapists a call, to talk about the possibility of scheduling an initial session. The feelings of relief could be instantaneous as, even if it is only on a subconscious level, you will know that you have chosen to start building your path to recovery through emotional and mental fitness.

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