The Happiness Diet

by Nico Gurley

“Forty percent of our happiness may be within our power to control—and making ourselves happier could take less than 10 minutes a day, according to University of California, Riverside, psychology professor Sonja Lyubomirsky, PhD” (The Monitor on Psychology).

Happiness is often considered the holy-grail of psychology, because as psychologists and counselors we frequently seek out ways of helping our clients find a balanced state of being that makes them feel happy and content with life. However, although moments of happiness can be found just about anywhere, sustainable happiness is not achieved in a day or over night, it takes a certain amount of work.

Lyubomirsky uses the analogy of weight loss to explain the work that is necessary to achieve life long, sustainable happiness. Like with a diet, we like to set a goal similarly to setting a target weight, you can set a target happiness level as a desired goal. A quick two week diet is not going to enable you to achieve and preserve that goal. You need to make a commitment of a long term effort and work in order to achieve as well as preserve the happiness you desire. Working with a therapist, or happiness coach if you will, can be very beneficial to successfully achieving your desired state of happiness. We can help you mediate goals so that goals are not confused with unrealistic desires. As therapists, we can help you develop instruments you can use on a day to day basis to confront the obstacles you may encounter as well as monitor and evaluate your progress in your quest toward your targeted happiness level.

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