The type of psychotherapy with the most research behind it is cognitive behavioral therapy (CBT), which consists of an array of techniques aimed at transforming self-defeating thoughts, beliefs, and behaviors. For example, in this type of counseling patients learn to identify their dysfunctional thoughts—such as exaggerations and black-and-white thinking—and stop or minimize this type of damaging thinking, which contributes to making depression worse.

Why a Great Therapist Probably Beats a Great Antidepressant - Yahoo! News

REBT, which stands for Rational Emotional Behavior Therapy, is a form of Cognitive Behavioral Therapy that is effective in treating all types of issues, including depression. It is a short-term, effective method that can be learned, and used in your life outside the therapist’s office.  

I am a mental health counselor in NYC who is empathic and non-judgmental.  If you are looking for acceptance, someone to listen, as well as an effective, short-term treatment method for whatever issues you are experiencing in your life, call me at 917-525-2205x6.  You may also email me at   

Affordable sliding-scale rates are available.  

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