Finding a therapist- a good thing?

The word “therapy” can conjure up images of someone lying on a couch while a therapist listens on. This is not the case. The therapist office is a safe space for you to explore your thoughts and feelings with a mental health professional. Unfortunately, there is a stigma that people who are in therapy must have a mental illness. This is not necessarily true. Therapy is for anyone seeking to gain insight and clarity into their own lives. It can be about self-improvement or learning how to cope after a difficult time in your life.  Some people see sex therapists to deepen their relationship with their romantic partners and build intimacy. Others wanting a career change often seek guidance on work related issues. No matter what your goals are, seeing a therapist is always a good thing.

Below are 9 things people who are in therapy want you to know.

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Sophie is a psychotherapist at My Therapist New York where she provides individual psychotherapy, couples counseling, and career counseling. She specializes in interracial couples and multicultural counseling. Schedule therapy in New York today!



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