There's An App For That!

Recently, the Wall Street Journal published an article about mental health apps and how technology can work in tandem with therapy. Read the entire article here. Instead of using traditional paper and pen to record feelings and mood changes, you can now do it electronically through a convenient application.

John Hopkins University has developed a rigorously tested app called Mood 24/7 that helps you to track your mood changes for easy review with your therapist with the aim of managing depression and mood disorders. This app is a beneficial tool that helps reinforce plans discussed in therapy such as monitoring mood patterns and identifying the triggers that elicit the mood changes.  These recordings can then be discussed with a therapist.

Working with a therapist to help you identify negative emotions and unhealthy patterns of behaviors with the convenience of technology, puts you one step closer to emotional freedom and happiness. What’s even easier?  Booking an appointment with a therapist is just a click away, here.

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