To Orgasm or To Not

Do screamers and moaners have better orgasms than quiet love makers?  It appears that lots of moaning and screaming, scientifically labeled as copulatory vocalizations, during love making, may be just noise.  Many women state that they need to concentrate on reaching a climax and vocals may divert from the goal. About 25% of women reach orgasm on a regular basis with their partner. The number for men is 90%. Men may think that a moaning mate is a satisfied one. There are many things that are not discussed in the bedroom and that may be one of them.  There is evidence showing that a women moans, not during her own orgasm, but to manipulate her partners climax, Women’s Sex Noises and Orgasm Screams: Voluntary or Not?

If we think of the power of the mind, understanding sex becomes less of a mystery. Anyone who has ever had an orgasm while sleeping knows that this is a mind experience and that the body is reacting without any physical stimulation.

 Thinking of oneself as a sexual being appears to be at the root of the issue. Women who feel themselves a sexual being as well as being daughters, wives, lovers, mothers, professionals, may have less problems in the bedroom, than those who don’t feel sexual.  This has nothing to do with how society labels sexy or beautiful, tall, short, fat, skinny; it is about the inner feelings people have about themselves. It has been reported that one the most famous sex symbols in film, Marilyn Monroe, did not enjoy sex. Was it the intimacy of the act of with men that was the problem or the result of a traumatic childhood? Again, that would be an issue of the mind, not the body.



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