Transgender Awareness

Here at My Therapist New York we applaud The New York Times for publishing this in depth article about the trial and tribulations of Ms. Kricket Nimmons’ life as a transgender female and her transitioning process. We are grateful that Ms. Kricket Nimmons was able to achieve her goal of transitioning into her preferred gender. The article highlights many challenges that Ms. N faced throughout her years; we know that she is not the only one that is faced with these many obstacles. The journey of gender transition can be painful, arduous, and very lonely. Unfortunately, the transgender community is still stigmatized and people who identify as transgender or gender non-conforming continue to struggle.

The journey of transitioning  requires a lot of support and resources. Resources for the transgender community are continuing to grow. If you are transitioning or thinking of transitioning – know that this can be done with self-care, finding good support, surrounding yourself with people who care for you, and finding sex positive and LGBTQI affirming therapy. 


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