Treating Small Issues Before They Become Big Problems

By Nina Lei

You know when a little cough turns into a burning fever and then turns into a raging case of the flu?  Unfortunately a few too many of us have experienced that this season.  When we have a little cough, it’s easy to say it’s not a big deal and that we’ll get over it in a few days.  Those who are particularly stubborn might even say that a burning fever doesn’t usually last for more than a day or night.  But I don’t think anyone can deny that being really sick, such as from having the flu, basically shuts us down for at least a few days to a week.  And not being able to do anything is a horrible feeling. 

So what does this have to do with therapy?  Well, if you change all the physical symptoms to mental ones, then the example I just used would be the same.  It’s easy to cast aside the issues that don’t seem to be big problems, whether they are physical or mental.  But big problems often develop from smaller issues.  For example, someone who gets very angry and verbally aggressive when she fights with her best friend might have a problem with controlling her anger.  Without addressing it, this same person could start to become very angry and verbally aggressive with the people around her, no matter who they are, when she is upset.  In turn, without addressing this, the same person could develop a serious anger management issue. 

While it’s far more preferable to live with a little issue than a big problem, even the little issues we have undoubtedly have a negative effect on our lives.  The girl who gets very angry and verbally abusive when fighting with her best friend damages their friendship when she acts this way, even though she only does it in particular situations.  Our small issues can have big effects.  So if we have the ability to change or remove the issues that are causing negativity in our lives, why wouldn’t we?  There’s enough negativity that we can’t control in this world – there’s no reason to “just live with” or tolerate negativity that we do have power over. 

It’s much easier to treat smaller issues than larger ones.  By addressing the issues, small or big, you can become a happier you.  Contact me at to schedule a therapy session today.

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