Ways to Release Feel Good Endorphines

.Good news! There are low cost and readily available ways to naturally release endorphins, those chemicals our brain produces and that send us into bliss! 

  • Smell vanilla or lavender - Doing this will cause the brain to release some of these feel endorphins to boost your mood. In fact, vanilla is said to be an male aphrodisiac and can promote feelings of love and intimacy. Add vanilla-extract to recipes or even your morning coffee and inhale deeply. Or add lavender oil to your bath.
  • 2. Laugh - A little laughter can go a long way to boost those feel-good chemicals in your brain. Studies are showing that even ‘fake’ laughter can change the brain chemistry in the brain.
  • 3. Take a bit of ginseng This ancient herb has been known to help those with schizophrenia to relieve some mental anguish. Take a little ginseng to help boost endorphin release by the brain
  • 4. Eat Dark Chocolate – Eating dark chocolate can make your brain’s happiness creating system go. Moreover, it is also an anti-depressant food and a painkiller
  • 5. Participate in Group Fitness - Exercise alone can help you  feel great, but research suggests that physical activity with a group of people can boost endorphins even more than exercising alone. Make sure to do it vigorously for extra endorphins boost!
  • 6. Use more hot pepper- Spicy foods have been known to release these feel-good chemicals while acting as a pain killer.
  • 7. Change Your Thinking - Changing your thoughts doesn’t necessarily change a situation, but it can change the way you feel on a day-to-day basis r even how you deal with it. Thinking positively! 

Eliana Bonaguro -MHC

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