Why defensive pessimism can work better than positive thinking during the holidays

By Nicolas Gurley

Since Peale introduced the concept of positive thinking into our society over sixty years ago, people often believe that positive thinking is the best way to get through the frustrations we all deal with in periods such as the holiday seasons; Traffic jams, overcrowded airports and airplanes, family expectations and so on. The problem with always thinking or wanting to believe that things will turn out fine, is that it reinforces the notion that it would be terrible if they did not. Lets face it, how often does that happen. However, it has been found that thinking about the absolute worst case scenarios in great detail can help attenuate the amount of anxiety they can cause.

You can read the whole article on the power of negative thinking here: http://www.psychologytoday.com/blog/think-well/201212/the-negative-path-happiness

If you are interested in further exploring these methods of making life a little easier to handle in these holiday periods, you can give one of our counselors a call to set up an initial session to discuss the possibilities for you.

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