About Danielle


I'm a Chicago native, and completed my Bachelor of Arts in Psychology at Dillard University. I later completed Master of Arts in Clinical Mental Health Counseling from Roosevelt University. There, I participated in several research initiatives surrounding multicultural phenomena including colorism, achievement, and self-efficacy. I'm currently a doctoral student at the University of New Orleans studying Counselor Education and Supervision with a minor in research and emphasis in multiculturalism.

I work with individuals and people in relationships with the issues and conflicts that come up for any of us- ranging from college and career counseling issues to relationship conflicts and intimacy.  We all need someone to talk to sometime or another, and I'm interested in helping you be your own therapist!

  • Danielle's full rate is $145 per individual session and $250 per couples session
  • Sliding scale for weekly sessions starts at $75 per person per session