Challenge: to make a change without.....

As a therapist and a social media consumer, I have bore witness to many internet challenges and many with a distinctive therapeutic purpose. Today I came across a challenge which spoke to the REBT nature of change:

To make one change without telling a single person, without protesting, whining, nagging or complaining.

To make the change and not bemoan the difference in your life. See where this leaves you in a few days; see if the "no-fuss" approach makes the movement to the new way of being a touch smoother.

Occasionally complaining can have, what scientists call, an 'iatrogenic effect' - which means it creates the opposite or actually has a detrimental effect than originally intended. When we complain, we seek comfort from others but occasionally, the act of complaining verbalizes and solidifies our reasons to return to form and/or our emotional distress; therefore when we were really seeking comfort, we instead talk ourselves back into distress or away from change.  

Changing while consciously avoiding the pitfalls of complaining may be a mental hack to help move you closer to a change you'd like to see. 

Read more here and let us know if you accept the challenge

Christine D. Fazio, MA

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