Group Therapy in New York: Breaking Up & Picking Yourself Up

Group Therapy In New York: Breaking Up & Picking Yourself Up

Tuesdays, 6:00pm- 7:00pm- 817 Broadway, 5th Floor


Breaking up with someone isn't a mental illness- let's get that out of the way right off the bat.  But the stages of grief that people sometimes go through can feel awfully depressing, and actually aren't so different from the stages of grief in death and dying- depression, anger, bargaining, denial, and acceptance (in no particular order- because sometimes you can get to acceptance, then get angry again).

Break-ups are one of the most common issues bringing people to therapy, so common, that we are expanding our group therapy offerings with a new therapy group called "Breaking Up & Putting Yourself Back Together".

Group therapy is different than a support group.  Group therapy is led by a psychotherapist, so it's not just about people coming together with a similar issue to commiserate.  It's about people coming together to help each other learn some cognitive behavioral exercises to implement in their lives to deal with breakups, dating, sex, expectations we put on people, etc.  This isn't about sitting around and crying, or complaining about how terrible it is to be you.  Group therapy is about empowerment, and can be a great (and affordable) addition to individual therapy.

Want to find out more?  No matter where you are in your breakup or dating life, we welcome you to check out this unique opportunity to work through what you need to work through in. Sometimes you just need room to be creative, to brainstorm, to shout, to grieve, to accept, to move forward.

Sessions are $25 each. Space is limited!  Call or click below to schedule an intake session.


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