NYC Therapy: Group Therapy in New York: Stress Management in NYC- Sundays at 6:30pm

NYC Therapy: Group Therapy in New York: Stress Management NYC- Sundays at 6:30pm

Do you ever feel that you are being stretched like a rubber band? Why do you think there are so many therapists in New York?! Too much stress can make you feel uncomfortable physically and emotionally. It can prevent you from doing things that you need to do such as working, taking care of your family, having relationships with others. It is important to be able to recognize the effects of becoming overstressed. There are physical effects which may include increased heart rate, headaches, upset stomach and back pain. The emotional effects of stress may include feeling irritable, becoming easily frustrated, having difficulty focusing and worrying more frequently. Everyone experiences some stress throughout the day. A little stress can be good as it may help to motivate you to get things done. For some people, stress may feel exciting and pleasant. For others it can deplete your energy and make you feel unhappy. When stress increases throughout the day, we are usually able to regulate the stress by being aware of when it is occurring. We can then change our behavior to help reduce the stressful feelings or as some might say “de-stress”. This can be done by taking a break from activities which cause stress or finding ways to relax. In some situations, we don’t recognize when there are too many things occurring which we cannot handle at the same time. This can be too many changes such as a new job, moving to a new home, the death of someone close to us as well as many other changes. Stress can also occur when we have too much information to process and cannot handle it as in studying for a college degree or learning a new computer program for work. It can also occur when we have too much responsibility at home or work or even when we just have too high expectations for ourselves. Enter group therapy.

Group therapy or individual therapy?

Working through your stress and learning to manage it through group therapy is a unique and effective way to come at the issues.  Group therapy is popular because of the team of people you have rooting for you, as well as the team of people you have to hold you accountable for your stressed-out thoughts and behaviors.   Group therapy is not a "bitch session".  Group therapy is not about sitting around and complaining about problems.  Like one on one therapy, group therapy aims to teach you the basics of rational emotive behavior therapy but apply it in the context of a group.  Group therapy can also be more affordable than individual psychotherapy (our group therapy rate is $25 per session). Group therapy is not the same as a 12-step, anonymous, or support group, and is led by therapists, not facilitated by group therapy members.

NYC Group therapy series: Stress Management NYC

Stress is a fact of life. As therapist, we cannot eliminate it, but we can help you learn some techniques to reduce it when it becomes too overwhelming. If you are having difficulty dealing with stress and want some help, check out our upcoming group therapy series, “Stress Management NYC” Group therapy can  help you find strategies to better manage your stress and serve as an outlet where you can share your experiences with others in a non-judgmental and accepting environment.

For more information about group therapy in New York, email  or or schedule an intake session below. Mona and Kristine offer individual therapy, couples therapy and family therapy in addition to group therapy in NYC.


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