I Love You But Don't Call Me, Ok?

Talking Points for Introvert-Extrovert Couples Posted by Courtney Stevenson

"I don’t have a definitive answer as to whether introverts and extroverts make perfect, complementary couples or are destined to drive each other crazy. The bottom line is, like everything else, it depends on the people. And like everything else, if both parties respect and compromise, everything’s cool.

No matter how much common ground they have otherwise, introverts and extroverts have different needs, and they do things differently. My husband is only slightly less introverted than I, and even so we have had to negotiate a few things. (The telephone vs. email, for example.) Some predictable issues seem to crop up in mixed couples. They can be no big deal, or they can make trouble. So if you’re giving it a whirl as an introvert-extrovert couple, here are a few things to talk about, at your leisure." (read entire article)

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