As a therapist in New York I found this article about thousand dollar workshops in meditation to be really interesting.

I get it. It's good. I meditate – I also go to therapy which some have called a form of meditation.  Because it's hard to "sit" - especially when there are things on your mind- like irrational beliefs you are barely conscious of.  I imagine it might also be especially hard to sit when you are in a networking meditation class costing you $1000 for a four-day introduction. 

But, as Laura M. Holson reports, "now, meditation studios and conferences catering to Type A Manhattan careerists are becoming a new hub for networking without the crass obviousness of looking for a job."

So, I guess that means -best learn how to sit with yourself and get your head and finances in order!  Whatever way you can!

PS I think therapy helps...

Anna Wilson


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