Mental Health Makeover

It’s true, friends, I’m a sucker for any kind of makeover reality show.  I find it so touching to watch mostly kind, altruistic people find the courage to finally spend some time getting to know themselves and figure out what they like.  The end-of-the-show reveal is always my favorite part where the transformations seem to take place not only externally, but internally as well.  You know the formula, the makeovered person sees themselves with some new clothes, haircut, and cosmetics for the first time and they begin to cry (I usually do too, I admit).  I think it’s such a heartfelt expression of the gratitude they feel towards the show’s hosts, the makeover artists, and even themselves for facing the challenge of making changes in their lives. What I find interesting about these types of reality shows is how common it is for there to be a precipitating event that marked the period of time each makeover candidate began to neglect themselves.  I find this to be true for most of us as we face the ups and downs of life.  Grief, loss, depression, anxiety, a break-up, and stress can all work in such a way that we can easily lose sight of ourselves.  I also think it’s fascinating to see how taking action, in this case the makeover itself is the action, can move us more quickly to making the changes we want to see in our lives.  So often we believe if we analyze and talk about our problems enough we will begin to feel better and things will improve.  While taking action can be a bit scarier than mental analysis, action has a magical way of quickly changing our perspective and motivating us to continue looking for ways to stretch ourselves.  Additionally, taking action makes us feel like we are active participants in our lives rather than helpless spectators.

Taking action without the time and resources our reality friends may have can seem impossible.  Start small with something that isn’t too overwhelming to face.  Once you begin to see evidence that 1) taking action might be risky, but it’s not going to kill you and 2) you ARE capable of making changes in your life, it is likely you will begin to take bigger risks and see bigger changes.







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