NYC Sex Therapist Talks: "Sex is the worst reason to marry...or divorce"- Albert Ellis, 1974

NYC Sex Therapist Talks : from a 1974 People magazine interview with the late Dr. Albert Ellis, therapist, sex researcher and the father of cognitive behavioral therapy


In the early 1950s, when Dr. Albert Ellis first began to write about sex, no one wanted to publish his work, so extreme were his views. With the publication of Sex Without Guilt in 1958, he moved into the forefront of the sexual revolution. Today, many of his earlier critics concede that his blunt, nonmoralistic advice helped to free the discussion of sex and put it in better perspective. At 60, Ellis is the author of 30 books, including several bestsellers. He has written over 200 professional papers, founded institutes for study and research in a dozen major cities and is in constant demand on the lecture circuit. {Click for Complete Article}



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