NYC Sex Therapist Talks: Gay and Poly in Manhattan (Documentary)

NYC Sex Therapist Talks: Polyamorous Gay Triad in New York- Documentary

Some gays are simply uncomfortable with this notion — much like many heterosexuals — and either don’t understand the concept or simply reject it. Others in the LGBT community get angered when they hear about these relationships, thinking it’s politically bad for gay people and reinforces stereotypes that we’re a deviant subculture. Still other gay men have a “live and let live” philosophy towards polyamory, or feel that because we’re already considered outsiders and sexual outlaws in mainstream society that we have the right and responsibility to not play by society’s rules (Read Article)


Thinking about opening up your relationship(s) or trying a different relationship style?  Monogamy is one of many relationship styles among people around the world in 2012, and many find that they are better suited to other arrangements.

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