NYC Therapist News: Psychiatry Gay Cure Apology

NYC Gay Therapist News: Psychiatry Gay Cure Apology


“Up into the 1970s, the field’s diagnostic manual classified homosexuality as an illness, calling it a “sociopathic personality disturbance.” Many therapists offered treatment, including Freudian analysts who dominated the field at the time.” (Read entire article)

As a gay therapist in New York, I don’t run in to many people wanting to change their sexual identity. But we have to remember sometimes, that the reality for LGBT folks in New York and San Francisco is not the reality for many people in the rest of the country and the rest of the world. It seems that American mental health (especially psychiatry and their book, the DSM, soon to be in it’s 5th incarnation) takes the lead in many mental health issues, and when we get it wrong, it can have global repercussions. Thankfully, this man recognized the error of his ways and recanted much of what religious movements who claim to make “ex-gays” base their moralizing upon. Homosexuality was removed from the psychiatric diagnostic manual in the 1970′s. Unfortunately, we still have “gender identity disorder”, which is such a throwback to our homophobic (now transphobic), and ever misogynistic past. This may or may not have any effect on the experts who are writing the current version of the DSM, but this article could serve as such an eye-opener to how diagnoses are included or excluded, and how that changes whether many people are considered mentally ill or not, and how the mental health field can sometimes be used as a tool of the oppressor. For more information on working with modern therapists in sexual identity, coming out, gender identity, etc, schedule through our website

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