NYC Therapist News: What is cocaine psychosis?

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Cocaine psychosis is basically an overdose in your mind. The condition usually befalls unfortunate souls with a history of cocaine or crack abuse. Cocaine is one of the most addictive substances on earth, and as with other drugs, your body builds up a tolerance against it. Over time, addicts need to consume more and more cocaine to get high. Cocaine gives a boost to your sympathetic nervous system filling your body with good vibrations, but while in that supercharged state, things can get ugly. (Read Article)


When NYC Therapist found the original news story (thanks to Drudge for the bizarre choice of stories and angles to cover) about the man eating off another man's face this past weekend in South Beach, I immediately thought of zombie.  This is what drugs do.  It doesn't take a therapist to tell you that you can achieve any emotional state you want- from anger to bliss all on your own.  Our brain makes everything we need to feel awesome, dreamy, energetic, horny, excited, blissful, rested, relaxed, nervous, depressed, etc.  Once you start messing with brain chemistry, in this case, with cocaine, then you're sort of overloading your brain to feel something so intense, that then you need chemicals in higher and higher dose to feel an ever more fleeting effect.  It's sad that initially, this guy probably tried some form of cocaine and liked the feeling he got, and it just spiraled out of control until there was a total break with reality (psychosis).


NYC Therapist staff works on getting a handle on addictions and learning how to feel our feelings and sensations on our own, as well as learning how to cope without the use of mood stabilizers, sleeping pills, anti-depressants, anti-depressants, or illicit drugs or self-medicating with cigarettes and alcohol.  Have you thought about recovery?  It's time.


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