NYC Therapist Talks: BridalPlasty vs Couples Therapy

NYC Therapist Talks: The Perfect Marriage, the Perfect Divorce- Bridalplasty Vs Couples Therapy

Shows like this are a snapshot of the expectations and beliefs we have about relationships in America. The expectations put on people to be "the perfect bride", or "the perfect mate" are so strong. What else can you name from is forced on people from childhood? We grow out of believing in Santa Claus and the Easter Bunny. But this idea of the fairy tale wedding (to the tune of thousands upon thousands of dollars)- It's no wonder that 50% of marriages end in divorce. (And have you noticed that what many purport to be religious rituals are the most expensive moments of your life?! From weddings to funerals, it seems like all about money and keeping up appearances!)

It's a parody, calm down. But all kidding aside- let's get rid of the one-size-fits-all style of relationships. Let's get rid of keeping up appearances. Couples therapy can help you take the bits that are working in your relationship and get rid of the aspects that don't, making your relationship something customized rather than something sold to you in shows like BridalPlasty, sold to you by religion, or crammed down your throat by your parents. Want to spend your life with someone? It's hard work. Lipo ain't gonna do it. Neither is "renewing your vows". Couples therapy can help you cut out the noise and work on being in your ideal relationship. And if it ends, then hopefully it can end over a hug and a kiss, rather than suing each other to work through your pain.

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