NYC Therapist Talks: DSM- 5... Did you Know?


Does the DSM-5 represent a fundamental improvement in how disorders are conceptualized and diagnosed, or are the changes in the new manual flawed, unsafe, scientifically unsound, and costly to our society? Is the revision revolutionizing diagnosis and treatment, or was its process just an exercise in moving a few deck chairs on a sinking ship?

Did you know?

  • As revisions may become an ongoing process, the Roman numeral "V" was abandoned in favor of the Arabic numeral "5". Subsequent revisions will be referred to as version 5.1, 5.2, 5.3, etc.
  • An electronic version of the DSM-5 will be available in late 2013.
  • The new non-axial approach combines the former axes I, II, and III with separate notations for psychosocial and contextual factors (formerly axis IV) and disability (formerly axis V).
  • The DSM-5 introduces a Cultural Formulation Interview for cultural assessment.
  • Separation anxiety disorder now includes adults.
  • The DSM-5 replaced the term gender identity disorder with gender dysphoria because the previous diagnosis was long considered stigmatizing by mental health specialists and lesbian, gay, bisexual and transgender activists.
  • The powerful and influential National Institute for Mental Health (NIMH) claims that the dominance of the DSM system has hampered research and questions the validity of the revised manual.
  • Since claim platforms in the United States rely on the ICD-9-CM, one of the biggest health insurance companies in effect ignores the revision of the DSM. Providers have to use DSM-IV-TR codes through September 30, 2014 for all claim submissions.
  • Some claim that according to the DSM-5 as many as 50% of the western population would be diagnosed as mentally ill.

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