NYC Therapist Talks: Now interviewing for summer internships and supervision

Perception is Reality

The Offices of Dr. Michael DeMarco are now interviewing for summer internships for mental health counseling and/or marriage and family therapy graduate students as well as post-graduate supervision to begin June 1 through August 31st. This placement is broken down into two parts.

Clinical: Biopsychosocial Assessments, Individual Counseling, Couples Therapy, Family Therapy, Keeping accurate and up-to-date notes, attending weekly clinical supervision for 90 minutes, possible group therapy opportunities using Ellis’ REBT as the main guiding modality.

Administrative: Learning the inner workings of running a private practice in Manhattan- networking, marketing, creating and maintaining your brand as a therapist, budgeting, finances, and using technology such as social networking to reach out to possible clients. Administratively, therapists-in-training meet on their own for peer supervision as they see fit.

Both aspects of the position are equally important, as the therapist-in-training, much like a therapist with a limited permit after graduation, only has a finite amount of time in which to complete the clinical and non-clinical contact hours. Therapists in private practice in Manhattan are numerous, and you will not be successful in this position if you are not passionate and invested in your future as a practicing, licensed mental health counselor in New York.

Population Served (age, disability type, grade level, etc): General practice, but we do have some specialities in non-religious (secular) populations, LGBTQI (especially gender dysphoric clients), people working in non-traditional relationships that may also be non-monogamous. We generally focus on teens through older adults (though if you have a specific goal and plan to execute some play therapy, we can help you make that happen). Also, this is not the sort of site that is heavy on psychopathology as you might find in a clinic or hospital setting. We pride ourselves in being able to offer therapy with clients who reflect the diversity of NYC.

Additional Information: We encourage you to telecommute as much as possible. Though we have a large staff of therapists, we share consultation space. Your administrative work is largely done off site. We recommend an ipad or laptop, as well as working knowledge of Twitter, Facebook, blogging, Reddit, Pinterest, etc. I work closely with NYCMHA, ACA and other agencies around the Metro area and will try to send you for some clinical training when possible.

Hours: We are available to see clients from 8:30am to 9:30pm seven days a week, but we will work with you to set your schedule to get the most opportunities to meet your hours requirement from your school.

How you should apply for an internship / practicum position: Email and send a cover letter (included in the body of the email is fine) as well as a resume with three references (two references must be from current or past professors in your counseling program). We will contact you within a week or two if we are able to fit you in for an interview slot. The interview process is highly competitive, and there are several rounds of interviews with several different members of our staff. Upon being accepted into our placement, we begin June 1 through August 31st with training in May. We are NOT interviewing for Fall placement at this time.

Stipend: If you are interested in doing field work, meaning in-home or off-site visits with pre-screened clients, we will furnish you with a monthly metro card.

For Post-graduates, please contact for information on employment.

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