NYC Therapist Talks: Positively Happy in Therapy

NYC Therapist Talks: Positively Happy in Therapy

There are many myths about therapy. Therapy is not reserved for a specific population. In fact, therapy is beneficial for everybody! It is so easy to get stuck in negative thinking patterns. As a therapist in NYC, I often notice that criticism is acknowledged more than compliments, personal set backs or focused on more frequently than accomplishments, and negativity outweighs the positive in the way we think about ourselves. This is dangerous as negative self talk can lead to poor self esteem and a variety of negative consequences in your mood, relatedness to others, and general well being. Therapy can help correct this!


Many people think therapy involves talking about all that is negative in life. Although this occurs, the focus of therapy is to move away from the negative to a more positive space. Therapy often focuses on the strengths an individual posses that may be helpful in overcoming a difficult situation. Likewise, therapy helps to retrain your brain into thinking differently about yourself so you can acknowledge all the awesome things you contribute to this world!

As this article states, it is so important to remind yourself of the positive in order to regain some peace and happiness in your life. What do you like about yourself? What did you accomplish this week that makes you proud of yourself?

Do something good for yourself today and consider therapy to aid in transforming your life to one focused more on the positive. You may find yourself positively happy in therapy!

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