NYC Therapist Talks: Psychotherapy & Redefining "Failure"

Psychotherapy to Redefine "Failure"

Psychotherapy can help you redefine "failure" so you may turn this negative word into motivation for success!


We all try to avoid failure. The feelings that come along with this word are unpleasant and often cause great distress. I think it is time we stop fearing failure as failing is often necessary for success. Are you following me yet? Think about it, how many versions of Microsoft Windows did Bill Gates come up with before being able to market his product? How many model airplanes did the Wright brothers create before the first take off? I can guarantee these people did not succeed on their first try! They must have failed repeatedly before reaching such levels of success. Most successes, in fact, are precipitated by multiple failures (hence the adage: "if at first you don't succeed, try, try again"). Instead of fearing failure, and avoiding things we may fail at, we must redefine failure so that uncomfortable word does not carry such loaded negative connotations. More importantly, we must not let failing define us. Failing does not make you a failure. Just ask Helen Keller and her teacher Anne Sullivan...

Many people hold the belief "I failed, therefore, I am a failure." Clearly this is a false claim as the success stories mentioned above prove. Psychotherapy, specifically REBT, can challenge this belief so that failing something does not make you feel like a failure. Practicing psychotherapy in New York, I have noticed that many people are feeling hopeless. The current economy greatly contributes to this as people are losing jobs, businesses are struggling, and paying the bills just seems to be getting more and more difficult. Engaging in psychotherapy in order to redefine "failure" can help individuals become more confident, satisfied, and successful. Psychotherapy can aid individuals in debunking beliefs about themselves that are holding them back from reaching their full potential.

We offer affordable psychotherapy in NYC and we are eager to work with you so that you may become the successful person you want to be! Psychotherapy works. Check out REBT today!

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