NYC Therapist Talks: Stress Management NYC- Work Stress

NYC Therapist Talks: Stress Management NYC- Work Stress

Work is such an integral part of our identity that if it is not going well or we lose it, we may be at risk of mental health problems. A change in our work life such as a new job, problems with a current job or the loss of a job is considered a major life transition. This transition is not easy to go through and many people may need help to be able to get through it.

Some of us may experience feelings of stress and anxiety when we are dealing with issues relating to our work. If the experience is negative then there may be feelings of anger, fear or failure. Some of us may become overwhelmed, scared or panicked. If we are unfortunate enough to lose a job, our sense of competence may be decreased and we may lose the social network we developed at work. Mental health problems such as depression may develop especially if the problems with work are prolonged. This can affect the way you are feeling about yourself and have an impact on your relationships with your partner, family and friends.

Problems with our work can become too much to handle for many of us. This is the time when we most need support from someone. If you are struggling with work or career problems and are concerned about its impact on your mental health, schedule an appointment for an individual session. A therapist can help you to address the problems you are experiencing. The therapist can give you feedback, make observations and help you find solutions to handle your problems. Career counseling is also a part of the therapeutic process and often much needed to help people make decisions about how to improve their work life or create a new career.

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