NYC Therapist Talks: Psychoanalysis vs modern therapy

NYC Therapist Talks presents: Psychoanalysis versus modern therapy

While we at NYC Therapist disagree with some basic fundamenta­ls of psychoanal­ysis (and psychodynamic therapy), I do appreciate what others find in it that is helpful to them. Modern therapy is (or can be) evidence-b­ased, a short term style of therapy called cognitive behavioral therapy (specifica­lly rational emotive behavior therapy), Psychoanalysts and other proponents of psychoanal­ysis perpetuate the myth that analysis is “the deep end of the therapy pool”, and that the results of analysis are somehow more profound and meaningful than other styles of therapy. Cognitive behavioral therapy and rational emotive behavior therapy are less about the myriad of possibilit­ies of WHY things are the way they are, because who can really know that? An analyst who is qualified because he (usually he) went through analysis himself? CBT and REBT is more about things ARE the way the are, so what are you going to DO about it? Clients come in struggling with their identities­, and within 6 months to a year coming once a week for 45 minutes, paying what they can afford, report thinking, feeling and behaving in ways that better serve them and able to more readily accept reality. Little of this time in therapy is spent pinpointin­g the why, talking about dreams or childhood and all of this time is spent teaching the client how to be her/his OWN therapist, not dependent on therapy or the therapist to show them an ink blot or give them a mental illness diagnosis. Are the changes these clients make less profound because it’s not an expensive long-term relationsh­ip?NYC Therapist Therapy Logo

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