NYC Therapists Talks: Marriage Counseling

NYC Therapists Talks: Marriage Counseling

Many couples in NYC have to deal with multiple issues inside and outside of the marriage. Marriage counseling (aka couples therapy or relationship counseling) isn't just for people on the brink of divorce or breaking up. By giving people the chance to voice their feelings about tough issues with their partners in a safe environment, marriage counseling can keep you from reaching that breaking point. Being able to communicate effectively with your partner is a skill that doesn't come by magic- marriage counseling can help.

There are numerous issues that can threaten a couples relationship. These might include finances, children, careers, lack of communication, sex, infidelity, and general dishonesty. Building healthy relationship skills in marriage counseling helps create and maintain a happy marriage. These relationship skills can be learned. Imago couples therapy can help you restore a connection with your partner that has been lost. If you believe that your relationship can benefit from marriage counseling, now is the time to act. Most couples are willing to give it their all before giving up on their partners altogether. Waiting and hoping that things will get better when in reality it might only get worse is not a chance you want to take.

Marriage counseling can be the path to a deeper relationship with your partner. Marriage counseling is hard work and it’s not going to be a quick fix. Is your marriage worth it?



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