NYC Therapist Talks: Managing Stress in the Workplace

NYC Therapist Talks: Managing Stress in the Workplace

Do you ever feel like walking out on your current job and giving your boss a piece of your mind? Life in  fast-paced New York City can be stressful enough without having to deal with work-related stress. In today’s economy, it might feel like we have very limited opportunities. Many are worried that their companies will be downsizing and worry about losing their income. The loss of your job can be very stressful and can then create problems in the home- depression, anxiety, even panic. Living without stress is in 2012 probably isn't going to happen. We all worry about financial obligations, raising children, relationship problems, etc.

Most of us don't like our bosses. Lots of us  are working longer days and spending less time with our families (even Facebook takes too long, now).  Lots of us are not getting enough sleep during the week because we are too preoccupied with meeting deadlines. The thing is- you're not alone.

It’s important to deal with work related stress now, because not dealing with it can have some serious consequences. Rational Emotive Behavioral Therapy (REBT), might not change your situation, but together we can come up with techniques that can help deal with stressors in a more effective way.

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