Perceptions in Relationships

"When you accept the limited nature of your own perceptions and become more receptive to the truth of your partner's perceptions, a whole word opens up to you.  Instead of seeing your partner's differing views as a source of conflict, you realize that they are a source of knowledge:  'What are you seeing that I am not seeing?'  'What have you learned that I have yet to learn?'  Relationships give you the opportunity to be continually schooled in your own reality and in the reality of another person.  Every one of your interactions contains a grain of truth, a sliver of insight, a glimpse into your hiddenness and your wholeness.  As you add to your growing fund of knowledge, you are creating reality love, a love based on the emerging truth of yourself and our partner, not on romantic illusion." from Getting The Love You Want by Harville Hendrix, Ph.D

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