Sex Addiction: Rejected Yet Again by APA


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Hypersexual Disorder Will NOT be Included in the DSM5.

Hypersexual disorder as a concept is problematic. It pathologized gay and bi males, calling their sexuality unhealthy. It offered an excuse to avoid responsibility by wealthy men acting out sexual privileges. The science used to justify this concept was, for the most part, bad science, with poor design, poor methodology and theory, and no validity to be applied to the general pouplation. Finally, hypersexual disorder was clearly just a synonym for sex addiction, which the industry of sex addiction treatment providers planned to use to legitimize their work.

But, the proclamation has come down from Mt. Sinai, and the forthcoming tablets of psychiatric commandments don’t bode well for the sex addiction industry. According to the DSM5 committee of the APA, hypersexual disorder has now been rejected entirely, even from “Section 3,” the section designated as “requiring further research.”

So, yet again, the APA has acted wisely, on the basis of scientific merit, and declined to endorse the concept of sex addiction, in any way, shape or form. Pop science, grossly exaggerated claims that your brain is being changed by sex and porn might play well in the popular media, but don't have any place in good science, or careful medicine. Sex addiction is a popular concept, that the media has embraced, and is one that an entire industry has grown up around. (Complete Article)

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