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NYC Therapy Group stress managementTherapy NYC: Group Therapy "Stress Management NYC" Benefits of Group Therapy

What are the benefits of participating in group therapy? For some of us the thought of attending a group event can be exciting and fun, but for others it can be a source of anxiety and discomfort. We often come across group therapy flyers. It may be a topic that interests us, but the idea of attending group therapy may bring up negative thoughts and feelings. This is a common way to think and feel about a new experience. The benefits of group therapy can be great if we can get over the hurdle of attending the first meeting.

Benefit 1: I am not alone “I share the same or similar problems as other people do.” This can be a great relief to those who may believe that no one else is experiencing the same problems they do. You may find that being able to talk to others can help you to get through the problems. Also learning more about your problems can help you to manage them better.

Benefit 2: Group therapy has a therapist facilitator The therapist will make sure that everyone has an effective group experience. The group leader will provide information about the topic and give everyone a chance to share his or her experiences if they want to. There is no pressure to participate in anything that you do not want to. This is a bit different than a support group, which is led by non-therapists. Therapy groups are led by psychotherapists, and generally focus on one topic that the different members of the group can work through with the therapist and with each other.

Benefit 3: Group therapy can be uncomfortable at first All the members of the group are probably feeling some anxiety especially at the first group therapy meeting. Sometimes even the leader. This will get better as everyone becomes more comfortable and knows what to expect at future group therapy sessions.

Benefit 4: Learning new skills Group therapy is similar to the larger group of the society we live in. Being in a group therapy setting can help you learn how to interact with others better. This will help you to have better relationships outside of group therapy. You will learn how to talk to new people and share information with them. Other members of the group therapy experience may be able to give you suggestions to help you understand your problems better and you may also help them with your suggestions.

Benefit 5: A good excuse to get out Even if you get nothing out of the group therapy topic (but the likelihood is that you will) you have a good reason to get out and break-up the routine. Sometimes by just changing your routine and getting out of the house or apartment you can change the way that you are feeling. We often spend too much time worrying about our problems because we are unable to find solutions as easily as we would like to. Being in group therapy can help you to think about ways to find solutions to your problems as well as help others find solutions to their problems.

The first step in feeling more comfortable in a group is to join one. For many people the first time they meet new people they may experience a lot of anxiety . As you become more comfortable with the new people you meet, you will find that you do not feel the same degree of anxiety . You will be able to have a good group therapy experience which is likely to make you feel more positive in your everyday life.

We are holding our stress management group therapy sessions every Sunday at 6:30 p.m.  If you want to join us, please contact either Mona or Kristine at (212) 343-7008.  You may also e-mail us using the contact button over on the far right of your screen.  You can also schedule your intake session using the link below.


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