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Hi! My name is Kristine.  Throughout my life and studies to become a therapist, I have found that many people respond to life’s stressors in different ways. I try to understand what is going on with me in most situations and do my best to strive to gauge what is going on with those around me. I find it helpful to look at situations from not only my point of view, but from the vantage point of those who may also have been affected by a given situation. This has really helped me put things into perspective and has helped me realize  that there is not necessarily a wrong way to view experiences. Instead, we can view situations in ways that are helpful and productive to our mental health or ways that make us feel stuck and possibly hopeless. It is my goal as a therapist to help my clients see that they own their thoughts and feelings. They are in charge of they way they interpret situations in their lives. It is my hope to help them gain a healthier outlook on their thoughts and feelings, and challenge those that do not seem to be working for them. It is also my goal to help clients be able to take into consideration that people in their lives may not have the same worldview that they do. This may affect the interactions that they have with others and it is important not to assume that people will react the way that we believe that they should. I try to have a warm and open approach to therapy. I value being direct and honest, while understanding that it is important to meet clients where they are at currently. I chose to become a therapist because I want to help people learn more about themselves and gain the skills necessary to help themselves. We must acknowledge that life will be difficult at times, and it is important to have the tools we need to get though the tough spots. Therapy is not the type of relationship that many people are used to. You may find out how you relate to others in a way that your friends and family will never tell you. It is a challenging and eye-opening journey that I feel everyone can benefit from. Feel free to schedule online. I look forward to working with you!

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