What do your beliefs tell you?

"We all grow within belief systems that our ancestors set in place for us. Naturally we might call them “superstitious.” Or they are false beliefs that do not help us grow."

In this short and sweet post by Snigdha Gharami on Psychology Tomorrow Magazine's site, she speaks about the notion of us having false beliefs that restrict our growth. In therapy, we support a similar idea of false beliefs except we may refer to them as cognitive distortions or thinking errors that sometimes lead us to unhealthy behaviors, and/or negative emotions. Overall, it is human nature to have a certain sets of beliefs, it's how we try to keep ourselves safe and happy. However, there are some beliefs that tend to not lead us to the outcomes we were hoping for (healthy responses/feelings to situations). As therapists, we help our clients identify those sets of beliefs and the thinking errors associated with them to begin conversation around how to shift our beliefs toward healthier and happier outcomes.

Jovanny Suriel, Ed.M


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