You Are What You Eat

By Courtney Stevenson Remember the Nutri-Grain commercial showing the man unable to exit the subway due to the donut around his stomach or the woman with honey buns on her bum, illustrating you are what you eat? It’s very easy to notice how a fast-food diet of greasy food and sodas affects our waistline and our general physical health (high cholesterol, high blood pressure, etc), but typically we neglect the role it plays on our psychological well-being. Our bodies are not compartmentalized. Our mind, emotion, and physical bodies are all interconnected. Take anxiety, for example. Anxiety is an emotion, but it can affect us physically (nausea, shakiness, sweaty palms) and mentally (worrisome thoughts, poor concentration, poor focus). So it makes perfect sense that what we put in our body would not only affect us physically, but mentally and emotionally as well. When we eat a healthy, nutrient-rich diet the effects are numerous! Something to think about next time you buy groceries! PsychologyToday/HowFoodCanImproveYourMood

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