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Therapists are people, too.
— M. DeMarco (and probably every other therapist on the planet)

Michael DeMArco, PhD, LPC

I specialize in sexuality and non-traditional relationships, and enjoy helping people in individual or relationship counseling learn how to implement REBT into their everyday lives.

CathArine Swain, LMFT

Catharine is a licensed marriage and family therapist in New Orleans and is certified in pre-marital counseling.

Jesse Roessler, LPC

Jesse is a licensed professional counselor in New Orleans and specializes in LGBTQ issues as well as relationships of all types.

Dymphna Davis, PhD, LPC-S

Dr. Davis is a licensed professional counselor in New Orleans offering individual therapy and relationship counseling.


Amy Bakke

Amy is a PLPC and PLMFT under supervision offering individual therapy and relationships.


Tori Buckley, PLPC

Tori is a therapist under supervision and specializes in LGBTQIA issues as well as polyamorous, multiamorous and open relationships.

Danielle Burton, MA, NCC

Danielle is a counselor under supervision in New Orleans and offer individual and relationship counseling. 


MyTherapist New Orleans is Located at The Landing Zone - 625 Celeste St, New Orleans, LA 70130

MyTherapist New Orleans is a collective of therapists offering modern, effective counseling in NOLA. We are adding new therapists as we speak! Check back here for additional staff and updated bios, intro videos and more!