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Therapy and coaching offer guidance in your journey towards emotional freedom and happiness. Modern therapists want to teach you the tools to create your own psychological, emotional and philosophical way in the world- your life, for you, by you. There are individuals, groups, corporations- whole systems designed to try to make you feel anxious, addicted, inadequate and helpless. Whether you keep feeling miserable for another day is now up to you. 

Modern, effective counseling can help. You've taken the first step just by looking for a therapist.  We make getting set up for a therapy session even easier.  Schedule Now.

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We offer psychotherapy for individuals, couples counseling & sex therapy, family therapy, group therapy and life coaching. Find out more about modern therapy in New York! Finding the best therapist in NYC isn't as hard to find as you think. You want a therapist who gets it- who gets you, and is going to help you become your own therapist, not keep you on the couch for years. 

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